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My ex-colleague RESIGNED, He got a great opportunity elsewhere.

My ex-colleague RESIGNED,

He got a great opportunity elsewhere.

And this is how I felt...

He found an amazing new home that will grow his career, and I am so proud to support his transition!

Because I've told him the secret of how to secure Unlimited Interviews and get instant responses from HR.

The new role?

- Is a managerial role with direct reports

- More Salary and better benefits

- Chances to learn more and grow

- Tackle new challenges

- Meet friendly people

- Better Working Environment

- And open new doors...

Dear Companies,

Your Employees are your ambassadors for life and internal customers!

A company is successful because they hire the best staff!

Support your employees as they start a new chapter, and organize an excellent induction program too!


If you struggling with your job search, please do the following:

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- Comment: Support

- Follow Keith LAU – Your Recruitment Adviser

I will send you a FREE 100 mins Masterclass & PDF resources to guide you, step by step.

Hope you can achieve your career goals too!


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