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My client had an interview 4 months ago, even met with the CEO.

My client had an interview 4 months ago, even met with the CEO.

After a face to face interview and 2 other rounds of online interviews. He never heard back from that company. Even he tried to call the Recruiter or HR Manager but can’t reach them.

Recently, he had seen the same job re-posted 1 week ago.

The company now called to tell him to have 1 more round of Interview with another Senior Manager and mentioned this is the final.

He politely declined as he had already accepted another offer.

Do you know Interviews are two-way street?

If your hiring process is so long, if your company is so indecisive, and if you do not have any feedback or status updates in between…

Candidate feels that they are being ghosted. If you did not pick up the phone and explain the situation, the candidate feels that you are so rude and unprofessional.

Candidates going through several rounds of Interviews, they have so high expectations for your company. They are pretty much your customers and Number 1 Fans!

Instead, you need to hire for attitude and consider who would be passionate about your role.

What do you think? Comment below!

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