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My Boss was almost Hit By A Car!! Because he wants to terminate me!!

My Boss was almost Hit By A Car!! Because he wants to terminate me!!

Yesterday on my Facebook + YouTube Live, I'm sharing this funny story.

The reason why is that, your HR or boss, they will feel nervous & guilty.

Because they planned to terminate you or perhaps give you warnings at work.

At the end of the day, we are all humans & it's hard to make such a decision.

Why I'm sharing my experience with you? Because I want to help you during #covid19 outbreak.

I'm doing a 30 Days FREE Program & every day I'll have LIVE at 11pm.

Every Week (on Sat), I'll also have a FREE Zoom Group Coaching call for you.

So I was pretending if I was terminated & need to find a job now.

I'll walk you through what you need to do & provide suggestions to you.

So I can help you to find your ideal #nextRoles in A Month! And it's FREE!

Go to view my video, LIKE my Facebook Page & Subscribe to my YouTube!

I want to hold your hands & work with you together.

My program started yesterday (Apr 1, 2020) - Day 1: I was terminated.

If you like what I'm doing, show me your support & LIKE this post, ok?

I'll have more FREE Tools for you, Comment "YES" if you want to get this?

Please also share within your network or people in need, hope I can help them as well.

#humanresources #careers #coronavirus

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