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My Best Advice on How to Prepare for Interview

My Best Advice on How to Prepare for Interview!

Prepare is the KEY to everything. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

You need to prepare for dinner, prepare for a project or even prepare for a wedding.

So what you can do to prepare for the Interview?

1- Respect the Interview schedule, bring what you need to, as well as to research about the company & Interviewer background

2- Your Perfect Self-Introduction (but don’t memorize it) and some common Interview as well as tough competency-based questions

3- Prepare good non-verbal communication (e.g. your dress, hygiene, handshake, eye contact, your attitude, the way you seat..)

4- Prepare small talks but don’t talk too much, you need to listen more when you ask questions, have to explain clearly and to the point

5- Your energy and enthusiasm to the role are important, however, don’t appear desperate and too friendly with the Interviewer.

If you want to have my Interview Tips and Guidebook for you to prepare for your next Interview. Please do the following:

1 – LIKE this content and Write “TIPS” in the comment.

2 – Send me an invite, I’ll accept anyone and want to know you better

Then I will inbox and send you the PDF for FREE asap.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

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