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My advice to the young people

My advice to the young people - Don't change jobs so frequently!

You all know: Climb up to the career ladder, not JUMP!

Even my daughter [14 months now], she knows how to climb.

How many times I've witnessed these:

- consider if you are a sales professional, if your colleagues leave, you might get his/her clients, more and better quality clients.

- consider if you are a team manager, if another team manager leaves, you might take up his/her team.

- consider if you are working at the company, if your boss leaves, you might take up his/her role.

Only STAYING with a company is a great way to get promoted and have more opportunities, as you get to know everyone and can settle into your role easily.

Management also wants to build a solid foundation with dependable talents.

Staying with the company makes you look attractive to higher responsibilities.

Recently I've seen many resumes and most of the candidates are quite jumpy, they will change every 1-3 years, so that's why it is getting harder for them to find a better job elsewhere.

Only the agency recruiter will advise you to leave your current position.

Personally I have changed many jobs and in my younger days, I've been applied and interviewed for more than 300 jobs, I know how you feel.

Leave a comment if you agree!


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