Manager: I want your help and participation in this additional project.

Manager: I want your help and participation in this additional project.

Employee: Hm... but this is not what I'm supposed to do and not my area of expertise.

Manager: Agree! You know what... if you are good at something, never do it for FREE.

Employee: Thanks for your understanding!

Manager: Anyway, do you want to participate in this extra project?? You will learn a lot as well.

Employee: I think I can make time for it, may I know how much extra will I be paid for it?

Manager: Good! Thanks for your help! Since this is not your area of expertise...

You are not really good at it... And you'll gain exposure and a lot of experience!

So you will do it for Free this time and thanks a lot for agreeing!!

haha... this is the way how companies 'encourage' you to do more!

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Add Oil!

Hope you'll learn a lot from my materials & contents! ❤

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