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Love to share this amazing TIP to help your next job search!

Love to share this amazing TIP to help your next job search!

Someone I mentored got an offer in 2 days by being CREATIVE.

YES, she wanted to join that ideal dream company so badly for a long time...

Instead of submitting her CV among thousands of CVs recorded in the company ATS System.

My student 'MAKE her resume' stand out from others by...

Designing her resume (using the same color tone, layout), and exactly match with the criteria of the online portal of that Company.

She kept her resume precise, concise, and mentioned clearly how she will add value to the company too!

It was the next day after she submitted her resume that she was called up and received an offer in just 2 days later!

Tell you are secret, she only used one of my Tips!

#JobSeekers, there are many ways to get hired. Agree?

If you want to know more, please learn from my Tactical Workshop! (and you can select Any ONE of 5, for FREE!)

I'll provide a link to my ATS-CV Template to you as well.

Interested to learn how to improve your situation?

Please do:

- Like or share this post

- Type a Comment 'Workshop' below

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

- Visit nextRoles page for more details

I will send you the link & details soon!!


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