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Looking to hire an Intern: - Must have 5 years of relevant experience...

Looking to hire an Intern:

- Must have 5 years of relevant experience

- Launched a mobile app or started a company before

- Master or PhD degree from a TOP school

- Demonstrated to build a successful following on social media

- Write own programs, design images, shoot videos, and create websites

- Fluency in at least 5 languages

- Sold $10k worth of goods online

- Experience with decoding legal documents

- Bring us a network of high net worth entrepreneurs

- To manage the company culture, and other ad-hoc duties

Our Interview process: We will ask you to develop a workable business plan.

Our Benefits: We have 1 ping pong table and unlimited Free drinks of Coke!

If you think you meet all the Criteria... BOSS, I want you to HIRE me instead! 🤣

Dear Hiring Managers,

Don't make funny Job Advertisement like this & require non-achievable requirements.

There is NO perfect candidate in this world, Hiring for Attitude, please!

Hi Job Seekers,

If you need any help with your job search, let me know and send me a direct message!

I do have an ATS-Free CV Template for you. Interested, please do this:

- Like this post & Comment: FREE

- Follow Keith LAU

Complete the steps and I will send you the link & details.


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