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LinkedIn new Features - "Open To Work"

LinkedIn new Features - "Open To Work"

Can you see people with the Green badge?

To Recruiters and Hiring Managers:

If someone who is Open to Opportunities sends you a message or connection request.

What did you do?? Comment 👇

A) Take Extra effort and a couple of minutes to help them?

B) Ignore them? Because they just bother you to review CV and job referral?

If you do not have a job on hands...

What you can do to help people?

1. Introduce them to people that you know that can help, e.g. HR, recruiters in your network

2. Introduce them to companies that you know are hiring

3. Introduce them to career coaches that could provide valuable advice to their CVs

At least, respect and respond with some positive words!

Job searching is a tough process and everyone needs a job!

So engage with them, interact with them, like or comment their post in your network? OK?

LinkedIn a platform for connecting and helping with other professionals.

Let's all try to help each other as much as we can.

Build the #linkedIn community and a long-term relationship.

If anyone with "Open To Work", welcome to connect and contact me!

I do provide FREE Career Advice and Unlimited Review of your CV!

Send me a direct message or a Personalized invite to me! Talk soon!!


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