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Like this Post and I will send you FREE Interview Tips PDF

The First 15 minutes, How to excel in an Interview?

Like this Post and I will send you FREE Interview Tips PDF

8 Quick Tips helps you perform well in your next Interview 👇

1️⃣ Be Prepared, research the company & the Interviewer

2️⃣ Be Polite, with small talks to build rapport with Interviewer

3️⃣ Active Listening, understand the questions before you answer

4️⃣ Think about possible questions that might be asked, Practice it

5️⃣ Be clearly expressed your answers & support with examples

6️⃣ Be Honest, even ask your weakness & something you don’t know

7️⃣ Have 2 to 3 questions to ask your Interview, let them know you are keen

8️⃣ Ask for Feedback, and always be positive to follow-up with them!

I hope the above tips help you. Good Luck for your Interview!

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Also, I can also review your CV, provide guidance to your Career, advice on Interview Skills, as well as your Job Search Direction & Strategy.


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