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Let's have a perfect CV? What do you mean?

Let's have a perfect CV? What do you mean?

A CV that helps to get you to Interview! But how?

I will show you if you join my ZOOM call.

By the way, it's FREE because I would like to help!!

Because of my 30 days program, every day will go LIVE.

But every week will have Zoom Group Coaching Call.

I want to see you face to face, talk to you directly. Let's be friends!

You can unmute yourself, as well as share your screen.

I can then directly point out your CV and the issues that I think.

What do you think? I just do it ONCE because I promised.

I am using a Basic Zoom, for 100 participants and under 40 mins.

If you want to register, please let me know and do the following:

- Like this post

- Share this post

- Follow Me for Career Advice

- Comment: ZOOM so that I'll send you the link

- If you are my 2nd or 3rd connection, you have to send a DM to me first.

It's no cost, no risk, no catch. Help everyone is my mission nowadays.

Do it because of the current economic situation and we all suffered from #Coronavirus & #Covid19

Date & Time: Tomorrow, April 11th, 2020 at 11:00pm (HK Time, UTC +8)

Do remember to Prepare for your CV and your questions to ask me. I'll answer you: LIVE!


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