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Last night, I had my second LinkedIn Live and a good time

Last night, I had my second LinkedIn Live and a good time with JAMES FOK🔅Career Coach

I think we had provided values and help people. But when I woke up today, I don’t think we can.

The reason why is that, the moment you watch our video, you feel good. You are motivated.

You would agree with the points we raised, nod your head as you are watching.

But do you think you could overcome all the fears during your Interview??

Probably Not. No matter we have a 1-hour or 2-hour live session and we did teach you all our secrets.

We cannot cover all the cases. You still need to take action, practice it.

By only doing real-life Interviews then you can pick up the skills.

Don’t get me wrong. You still need the Tactics and Strategies to find an opportunity first?

You still need a good CV, and to discover some creative ways to change jobs in 2020 without applying.

Otherwise, you are not able to apply the Interview skills that we taught you and try to internalize those techniques to become yours.

So I would like to invite you to join my FREE Live Webinar next Tuesday with James Lee.

I will provide actionable solutions for you. Let me know if you want to enroll and I will send you the registration link.

We only have 100 seats for ZOOM. See you & Talk to you soon!


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