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Know Anyone with a Crazy Job Changing Records & Jumpy too?

Know Anyone with a Crazy Job Changing Records & Jumpy too?

Someone crazy like me, I have worked for 35 employers since 2003.

You know what? Changing jobs regularly might actually boost your career!

It's a good way to have more exposure & strengthen your professional experience

But a lot of HR will have a reservation for that job seeker, concern they are job hoppers.

Here is the logic: If an employer likes to hire people who have spent years in their role.

They are only looking for stability, it actually less good that kind of employers can do for your career.

Some companies are slow & others are fast. Comment below which one you like?

No organization is perfect! And I'll only recommend you to change jobs every 3 to 5 years.

When you changed your job, you are having more salary & a better job title?

Or perhaps you got a promotion & expand your work scope as well. So you learn more!

I think jumpy candidates & people change jobs often may not be such a bad thing.

Dear Recruiters, Hiring Managers & Companies.

There are no perfect candidates out there as well.

If you are having difficulties in hiring, why not Interview more candidates?

Give the jumpy candidates a chance & hire someone with the right attitude to learn!

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