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Just shared CV Writing Tips with more than 130+ students.

Just shared CV Writing Tips with more than 130+ students.

It’s nice to work with Charlotte, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Thanks to Shatin JCI (Junior Chamber International) & Gary for the arrangement!!

I'm happy to deliver the talk and trained more students!

If you are looking for a Trainer or Speaker to empower your team, I'd love to discuss more with you!!

Do connect with me & send me a Direct message to discuss!

I can share topics like:

- Resume Editing & Interview Skills for Students or Jobseekers

- LinkedIn Secret Tips & Tricks for Generating Leads & Sales

- Recruiter Training to HR and Recruitment Firm; and

- Personal Branding, Online Marketing, and More…

If you need to help with your Careers or Job Search, what I can help:

- ATS-Free CV Template

- FREE Resume Checklist

- FREE 100 mins. Career Masterclass

- FREE Interview Tips & Guidebook

- Quickly scan and audit your LinkedIn Profile

- Career Direction Guidance System

- Arrange Discovery Call with me

Interested to learn more and receive the link:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Talent and Business Winning Partner

- Leave a Comment: "Support" to let me know!

- Like and share this post if possible.

I can't wait to offer my help. Cheers!!


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