#Jobseekers Submit your CV but no response?


Submit your CV but no response?

Interviewed but no feedback?

How do you stay motivated when you never heard back from your job application?

You can try this:

- Take a break & rest! Searching for jobs is not a full-time job!

- Enjoy staying at home, find your passion & take care of the family

- Get more sunlight & do some exercise every day!

- Eat right, sleep well to relieve your stress, what you need is a better mood & better state!

- Don't just follow LinkedIn, read some motivational books or other websites

- Have your hobbies, do something you enjoy in your past & schedule time to meet your friends.

- Change to other ways of thinking & surrounding environment, e.g. have a road trip

- Update & upgrade yourself with the latest skills & tactics, always hunger to learn more!

Understand you feel frustrated... Try not to keep changing CV & update the LinkedIn profile...

Sometimes your brain just needs new stimulation to stay sharp and help you out!

Sometimes you just need luck & chemistry when you meet with the Hiring Manager.

Never Give Up, Your Day will come!!

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If you need any help, feel free to send me a Direct Message (it's free for you to do via LinkedIn)

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