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Jobs Seekers - submit your resume as PDF or Word?

Jobs Seekers - submit your resume as PDF or Word?

👉 The answer is in the guidelines of your job description.

Yes, always follow what the target company needs!

If they don't specify then submit it as a PDF because:

- No one can alter the content of your document

- Renders correctly regardless of software, device, and operating system

If you struggle to get interviews, download my ATS-Free CV template!

It comes with a 100 mins FREE Masterclass to teach you exactly what to do.

It also has detailed instructions and some explanation.

How do you download it? Please do:

- Go to nextRoles company page

- Follow #nextRoles hashtag too

- Click the "Learn More" button!

You will have everything you need to be able to do this.

👉 Please, like, share and comment below to help me share it.

It's good karma and you might just get that interview.

As always, I will share more tips later, e.g. what font to use.

If you use my template, just don't change the font.

This is my generosity for those who can't afford me.

Everyone should be able to get back on their feet. ❤️

If you need more Career Advice like this in the future...

Welcome you to...

Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

Hope this helps & you can secure more Interviews!

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