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Job Searching is Tough.. But Never Give Up..

Job Searching is Tough.. But Never Give Up..

6 months ago I shot this video when I trained my daughter to crawl the stairs (she was 10 months old at that time)

- Maybe you are in the current job (comfort zone playing toys)

- Or you are still crawling the stairs (you might think of giving up)

- Even after you go to the finish line (is still tough & long way to go)

Think about it, everyone would need to go through the same process..

As a father, every time you saw your daughter made progress, you’ll be very happy.

And as Recruitment Adviser, I witness some of my candidates get hired and Interviews.

Also, I notice that every time when my daughter made progress, she will feel happy and give a clap to prove herself too.

She claps every time when she knows how to turn, how to sit, how to stand, how to crawl and now..

She is able to walk and speak Daddy & Mummy.. That’s wonderful!

Life is beautiful and your career is just part of that. Be grateful and work hard my friend.

I helped more than 450 people landed their ideal nextRoles and Interviewed more than 6000 candidates.

So if you need any guidance on your Career or CV, please connect with me, I'll accept anyone.


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