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[Job Interview] Interviewer: What are your...

[Job Interview]

Interviewer: What are your strengths?

Candidate: I work hard...

Interviewer: And weaknesses?

Candidate: I work too hard!!

Interviewer: Hmm, you are good for our company~

Candidate: So, do I get the job?

Interviewer: No, coz you are too good for our company...

🤣 Insights from Your Recruitment Adviser – Keith LAU

Haha… obviously you don’t know how to prepare for your Interview!!

Do you know how to present your story and explain your previous work achievements too?

Do you know how to answer common or some tough Interview questions?

Even like "Tell me about yourself", can you handle it well?

If you want to download my FREE Interview Tips & Guidebook instantly...

If you want to attend my FREE 100 mins Masterclass or any of my Tactical Workshops to teach you the Career Skills...

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I will then send you the link and more details!!

Stay tuned and I can't wait to empower you!~


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