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Jack Ma's Top Strategies for Hiring:

Jack Ma's Top Strategies for Hiring:

--> Avoid the "BEST" people and the "EXPERTS"!

Oh, then I understand why you cannot find your ideal #nextRoles in a month!!

In HR/recruitment, we only have the most "SUITABLE" candidates.

Which appear at the right time at the right place and the right salary.

Companies are not hiring Generalist and the top guy...

They just want you as a Specialist to fix a problem!

Either to increase their sales or handle some operations issues.

You need to be flexible, adjustable and communicate well with them.

You don't need to be a Superstar and no Rocket Science!

Sometimes it just depends on Luck and Chemistry with them!

You just need to be passionate about your work, willing to learn, and upgrade yourself...

Because Jack Ma mentioned: I hate to hire people who come as experts, the best people are...

always in your company, you train them to become the best!!

If you have doubts and need any help with hiring and finding your next dream job!

Send a personalized invite to Connect with me, or send me a Direct Message!!

I can't wait to empower you and add value to your job search!

Let me know your personalized career needs, I will try my best to help!


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