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Is Writing a Cover Letter A Thing of the Past?

Is Writing a Cover Letter A Thing of the Past?

Research shows that about 26% of recruiters read the cover letters.

Only 56% of hiring managers expected applicants to attach that.

By the way, it is because most of the Cover Letter are essential the same.

People may just copy & paste part of their CV (e.g. profile summary) there.

So it doesn't sound special at all, and this is the reason why nobody like to read.

You need a breakthrough, creative Cover Letter to sell yourself.

Find out as much as you can about the role you are hoping to join.

Connect this dream opportunity with your personal story and grab their attention!

Keep in short (in 1 page) and explain why you are the best candidate.

Include measurable results but don't repeat anything in your resume please.

Don’t forget about the formatting and proofread before you hit the Send button!

If you make that changes, chances are your Cover Letter may help your job application.

I have prepared a Cover Letter Guide / Template for you to download it for Free.

Interested to have the copy? Please do all the following:

- Follow Me

- Like this post

- Write "Guide" in the comment

- Share this post and care about your own network as well.


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