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Is everyone want to know how much Recruiters earn in HK?

Is everyone want to know how much Recruiters earn in HK? 💰

Since today is my birthday, let me tell you a secret and play a game? 😁

Recruiters are get paid by how much they billed, i.e. commission for placement they’ve made.

Most of the agencies in HK, except those big players might have team commission.

Otherwise, we have around 25% to 35% of billing, but deducted the monthly basic salary.

Billing is calculated by the Candidate’s annual salary times the Rate agreed with the client/company.

I took lots of pay cuts to change to the Recruitment industry when I was working in the FMCG sector.

At that time, almost every day, I can only afford to have lunch at 3 Fast Food Chain Stores in HK.

In the first 10 months as Recruiter, I was earning a little bit more than HK$41K a month on average.

With less than 1 year experience, I got 3 companies offered me in-house HR position.

A) Airline in HK – Secondment contract for 1 year - 30K x 12, and no bonus

B) Macau Hotel Group – 29K x 12 (Bonus can only be obtained in the second year, work at Macau for 1 to 2 days per week)

C) IT Solutions Vendor – Perm role – 28K x 12 + 2K guarantee bonus (Paid every 6 months)

Comment below, if you are Recruiter to convince your candidates, which offer should I take? #Recruitment #HR #HumanResources #JobSeeker


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