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Interview Preparation? It's easy!

Interview Preparation? It's easy!

You need to prepare for failure & think about the following aspects:

1. Your mindset

Relax, treat it as Business Meeting, be positive & just like meet with new friends

Be polite to everyone, Active Listening, and try to speak slowly & firmly.

Don't complain & bad mouth your current role or previous boss, etc.. be Positive!

2. Research the Company

Especially the Careers site, to understand their culture, their product, services or solutions offered

What is their Vision? Mission? Core Values? Total Employees? Sales Turnover? Awards Won?

You can also read their #LinkedIn Company Page & Annual Report (if they are a public company)

3. Basic stuff

Prepare a few copies of your CVs, stationery, your education certificates & references letters

Dress appropriate, be aware of your personal hygiene, arrive earlier, with a firm handshake!

And remember to bring your Money & Identity Card, and plan for the route to the company

What's more?? As always, a Mock Interview with your friends or ask your Recruitment Adviser to help!

If you need a list of 40 Interview Questions with expert answers & guidelines, please do:

- Follow Me for Career Advice

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- Type: Question

I'll share the link with you!

Keith Lau #nextRoles #careers

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