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Interesting Book that I've just bought! 👇

Interesting Book that I've just bought! 👇


the Pyramid of Cheops,

the Moais,

the Chinese Terracotta Army,

the Pit of Oak Island,

the Geoglyphs of Nazca,

the Blocks of Puma Punku,

the Giant Stone Walls

Here's the Amazon Link -->

Laurent A. C. GRANIER is inventor, master philosopher, theoretician, and author. An eclectic writer of scientific subjects as philosophy, novel, movie scenario or TV shows.

The solution was relatively simple to find and to detect.

As often, a lengthy speech would have been less helpful than a reasoned explanation to define a para-scientific “mystery”.

These little riddles, by examining their uncertainty as much as their actual equivalents, produce an effect of surprise, the one bringing to light new interrogations, as well as answers to other questionings.

Which shows that everything is linked.

We are living in a revolutionary era regarding our awakening.

As a multidisciplinary theoretician, I studied these points. Elementary ones, indeed.

Like a “Blitzkrieg” of the common sense…

A good dose of irrelevant relevance.

As Hercule, accustomed to using these “famous little grey cells” to achieve success in his “Labours”...

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