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Insane Opinions That Will Change Your Interview Mindset!

Insane Opinions That Will Change Your Interview Mindset!

I'd like to share a case where one of my students told me.

When he went for an Interview, HR Head told him the CEO was busy.

So advise him to speak faster & have to keep the meeting short.

Later on, my student found out the CEO is actually very willing to listen.

However, the Interview was totally screwed up, he didn't perform well.

Because all the Preparation & Interview Pattern Interrupted.

This is a typical case where you cannot judge anyone if you haven't met them.

You can't rely on someone's opinion & you have to build your own relationship.

HR Head perhaps is right, the boss is always busy. But he might value the time with you.

So what you can do in the Interview is to be one who 'Lead the Flow'!

Don't just sit down & wait for the interviewer to ask you the first question.

You might try to start the dialogue with small talks & then starting to introduce yourself.

And you can lead the Interviewer to ask something that you have prepared.

If you have any difficulties in preparing for your Interviews.

Please "Follow Me", then send me a Direct Message (it's Free).

So that we can talk, hope I can help you to excel in your next Interview.


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