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If you were terminated or laid-off…

If you were terminated or laid-off…

11 Action Plan for you! 👇

- Don’t sign anything right away – spend some time to think and read it carefully

- Ask for recommendations – several people at your company would serve as a reference for your job search

- You should tell your family – when I was young I pretend to work every day or just stay at McDonalds

- Do nothing for the next 24 hours – PLAN ahead and think what you can do, let your emotions claim down

- Ask about any layoff benefits – such as job placement, severance, or job training from your previous company

- Organize your finances – Prepare for at least 6 to 9 months without going into debt

- Evaluate your career – NO means Next Opportunities, no job now could be a blessing or turning point for you

- Say a warm goodbye to your colleagues – keep the relationship, stay positive and upbeat.

- Create a layoff/termination narrative – you need an answer to explain your current situation, make sure it’s positive without disrespecting your previous employers

- Put the word out – Connect with your friends and network to explore another opportunity

- Finally, Update Your Resume – rewrite the whole document and ask for your Recruitment Adviser to help

Take good rest and don’t take any action when you were blind-sided. OK?


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