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If you want to perform better in Interview, Be Obsessed.

If you want to perform better in Interview, Be Obsessed.

I've applied & Interviewed for more than 300 jobs during my young age.

I have changed 35 jobs & met with lots of HR and Hiring Managers.

And with my 10 years of practical HR & Recruitment experiences.

I found out the most important thing in the job search & Interview.

Not only you have to be prepared & answer Interviewer questions.

You have to show your interest & passion for what you are doing.

Of course, there are techniques for you to handle your Interviewer.

I have developed a completely NEW Masterclass & you'll discover...

Topic: 5 Steps to Get Any Jobs You Want During the Interview.

I will be sharing with you all my knowledge, research & experiences.

And this will be gonna LIVE on March 26th, 2020 (Thu) at 10:30pm (UTC +8)

This Webinar will be packed with contents & last for at least 60 mins.

If you are interested & want to enroll, please do ALL the following:

- Follow Me and #nextRoles

- Like this post, then comment "Interview" below

- Share this post, and write: "Success for Interview!"

- Notify me & send me a Direct Message (it's free for you to do so)

If you have done all these, I promise, I'll reply to you for the enrollment details.


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