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If you want to change your careers, please see my advice.

If you want to change your careers, please see my advice.

Quick 3-Steps for your Job Search:

1. Evaluate if you need Career Change

Ask yourself: What can you offer value? Identify your transferable skills.

How to position you as an expert in your field? What do you want to do next?

Do your market research & target your ideal next roles and companies

Expand your network & find out the right contacts to approach via LinkedIn

2. Prepare your CV and LinkedIn

Find out those roles you like & the JD. How relevant & match with your profile?

Update, Review or Rewrite your CV with the latest information & achievements.

Go through your LinkedIn profile using the same insights you used on your CV.

Remember to Optimize your LinkedIn profile to "All Star" level.

3. Prepare for your Interview

What do you need to prepare & bring to the Interview to make the first impression?

Think about your answers to common Interview questions, e.g. Tell me About Yourself

Using STAR approach to answer any difficult or competency-based Questions

Finally.. Answer any salary-related questions to ensure you get the offer!

If you want to learn more about my Career Assessment, please:

-Follow Me -Write "Career" in the comment

-Like & Share this post, so more people benefit from it.


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