If you cannot find a job in this economic situation, there is an alternative way!

If you cannot find a job in this economic situation, there is an alternative way!

Understand how you feel and you have a family to provide. No worry and don't panic!

You should consider part-time, freelance, or even start-up your own business!!

It is very easy to do business online, there is plenty of choices, e.g. dropshipping...

I can also share my experience and teach you the step by step how to monetize LinkedIn.

There are many income streams and a lot of opportunities you can earn an extra source of revenue.

Not sure if you have any startup experience? But do you need a business or 30 days start-up plan?

I have invited Jacob Roig Coach, Guide and Trainer to talk more about this.

He is experienced to provide consulting to young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Come Join Us for this LinkedIn Live and tell us your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Date & Time: Thursday - May 14th, 2020 at 10:30pm (Hong Kong Time; UTC +8)

Hosted by: Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser [33K+ Followers on LinkedIn]

You don't need to register beforehand; Follow Me and you will receive notifications.

Or at the same time, you can join my Facebook Live; just like the page - nextRoles

We'll talk to you soon! Hopefully, you will learn more from us! Thanks!!

#nextRoles #business

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