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If I use Zoom Interview you, I will see 50% of you.

If I use Zoom Interview you, I will see 50% of you.

If I arrange Face to Face Interview, I will see 80% of you.

But I can never see 100% of you if I don't give you a chance!

I will see most of you if I hired you. Is that correct?

If it doesn’t work out, we both learned something.

Hiring companies:

you have probationary periods in the employment clause.

Why not hire for attitude and give people a Chance? That's WIN-WIN!

What do you think? Agree??

Job Seekers...

Do you need any help with your resume to secure an Interview?

I will provide a FREE ATS-Compliant CV Template for you, FREE.

Because I see most of the company will have the ATS system to toss your application.

I want to help, empower you, give you the tools to achieve your perfect killer CV!

If you are interested, please do:

- Just Like and Share this post to help each other in the LinkedIn community

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice in the future

- Leave a Comment: CV, so that I know how to send you the link & details.

Send me a DM and I will send you my FREE Masterclass!

Hope it helps!

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