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I was interviewing a candidate...

I was interviewing a candidate.

It was a Zoom meeting, but the candidate was dressed up for the interview (which obviously I didn't expect).

The interview was going OK and the candidate seemed confident until there was a loud noise in the background.

It was somebody shouting for something.

The candidate got nervous and apologized for the noise.

A few minutes later, a lady came behind the candidate taking out some clothes.

The candidate was shocked and immediately switched off his mic and video.

This is not professional. A minute later, the video was on again.

The lady had disappeared, and it was only the candidate who was sitting in front of the screen.

He apologized to me for the interruption and told me it was his mother who needed to wash some clothes.

I told him that it was all fine, you just keep concentrating and your mother could work as usual.

"Because I am here to interview you and not judge your mother or your background noises.

I have a daughter (3 years old) and I understand with working from home, these things are bound to happen."

We continued the interview while his mother carried on with her work in the background.

I hired this guy later on.

P.S. - Don't pick on your employees for background noises. Not every person in the family is employed with your company.

Respect their space :)

Don't judge~

Thoughts? 👇

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