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I was ghosted many many times even I'm an experienced Recruiter!

I was ghosted many many times even I'm an experienced Recruiter!

Do you know what hurts me the most?? 👇

When you send a message to a recruiter...

You will find out that the messages sent are all "Double Blue Tick"!

Message sent, they read, but they never get back with a reply.

What does that mean?? Did anyone experience the same thing before?

Do not be upset #jobseekers, you are just waiting for the ONE - YES!!

You will feel grateful to receive all those Ghosting or No feedback...

After all, you will learn and grow, and One Step Closer to your Dream Career!

Who is with me? Comment below! 👇

In order to help you to get that "YES" from your job application, what I can help:

- To Get my ATS-Free CV Template;

- My Free Interview Tips & Guidebook;

- My 100 mins. Free Career Masterclass; and...

- You can Secure Your Seat to attend any one of my 5 Series Tactical Workshop for FREE!

Interested to receive the link, please do the following:

- Like and share this post, so more people benefit from it

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser and have more Career Advice in the future

- Comment: "Career" so that I know how to send you the link!

Send me a Direct Message if you need any personalized help!



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