"I've sent many messages to HR & Recruiters on LinkedIn but they aren't responding!"

"I've sent many messages to HR & Recruiters on LinkedIn but they aren't responding!"

This is the common answer from Jobseekers. Build a relationship first seems not working?

You may be reaching out to the WRONG people and it's important to send a personalized invite!

There is one more mistake: Think about HR/Recruiters they only have 8 hours in a day!

What they do?? They are hiring and finding the best-qualified candidates for their roles.

This is what you should do:

- Identify the HR/Recruiter for your role

- Search for Suitable/Relevant Recruiters then reach out

- Send a personalized message and show you are a qualified candidate

- Only Message to HR/Recruiter in your field and build a relationship before

Here is a sample template for you to use:

Hi [His/Her Name], hope you are doing well; my name is [Your Name] from [position/company/university].

I saw you are [Speciality] Recruiter at [Company].

I would love to connect with you, kindly accept my connection for further discussion.

Please note: Make recruiters' lives easier by showing you are passionate about the role!!

The job search process isn't as complex as you think! You only need 1 Opportunity!

What do you think? Who's with me??

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