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I tried to hire a person with a "FAKE" resume. Why?

I tried to hire a person with a "FAKE" resume.


I noticed she make up some of the employment gaps...

I know that she exaggerates some of the achievements...

BUT... I never questioned her knowledge or experience, even she has been so unstable in the past.

However, she still REJECTED my offer at the end!

I think she knows I can figure out she has a FAKE resume.

I feel bad and asked her why! She was curious about why I wanted to offer her this opportunity...

I said, "It is because I was once like you; I changed many jobs and only want to find a good platform to grow...

I know you have the potential, skills, and ability to excel in the industry, so I think we can partner together.

I am where I am now because someone gave me a chance and invested in me.

I want to do the same and bet on you. Let's try it!"

I think this should be the attitude towards hiring people.

Give someone a chance to improve and learn from their mistakes.

Be the symbol of hope in this time of crisis!

Who's with me? Comment below!!

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