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I started to receive messages from all over the world!

Since I've created a LinkedIn account, then I started to receive messages from all over the world.

People would send me their CVs, or ask me to review their profile.

They will say: I'm actively looking out, I can relocate anywhere, I can do whatever..

They are looking for jobs, looking for Interviews, or I would say looking for “a miracle happens”!

But I guess they don’t know, for example, if you are not based out of that country, how hard would it be?

Not to mention some of the messages are not polite, they never type your name! Your name is “Sir” only.

And most people think if they will have the chance for an Interview, and happy if they can ask someone to read their CV.

Or even they can talk to someone, then they will be getting the attention and able to change their life with a job!

That’s only the second step! The first step is fixing your internal, mindset, attitude, thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Everyone works hard in the job search process, submit CVs, perform in Interviews, but these are just steps.

It is not the tactic or how-to, it is the entire behaviour that will make the difference!

If you need any guidance, please connect with me (I’ll accept anyone).

Then let’s talk and perhaps I can help you.


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