I see there are some companies not hiring at all but to collect resumes.

I see there are some companies not hiring at all but to collect resumes.

Please take down your Job Advertisements after you hired someone.

Don't give false hope to people that are struggling for job search.

Take a moment to think about the effort for each job application.

I also noticed companies keep posting the same Job Ad over and over again.

There are no perfect candidates out there. Just give someone a chance!

Don't waste your advertising budget, hire someone with a good attitude!

For HR/hiring managers, a resume may be only a paper for you!

But for job seekers, this is their hope and everything they have!

People spending lots of time on their cover letter and resume.

They changed again and again and just need an Interview opportunity.

During this downturn, please hire for attitudes and take care of other people!

If someone has "Open To Work" Badges, do extra things to help them!

Refer them to the relevant Recruiters and Accept their connection request.

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