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I never thought I would write this story.

I never thought I would write this story.

I haven't slept until 3 am, and still working on my projects. The real story began when I opened my email at around 2:30 am on May 25, 2018...

It wasn't my habit to read emails late at night. But that night, I broke my own rule though I wish I didn't.

The next minute, I was staring at my laptop. I couldn't believe it.

The company's ending my 6-figure employment contract, just by sending an email at night.

I was given two choices - continue working for 3 months with pay (for the 90-day notice).

Or resign in 3 days from the day I received the notice.

That was a Friday, so I only had the weekend to decide.

A lot of things ran through my head. Three months or three days?

I have monthly bills, providing to my parents, and I just bought a house and took a car loan at that time.

And I was about to lose my major source of income.

But the company said they had no choice. So I was left with 2 difficult options.

I could have cried, or got angry at the company, or feel depressed.

But I just took a deep breath, pray, and whispered to myself:

"This is what I've been waiting for..." YES! 💪

Losing employment seems like a huge loss... you will never have the courage to quit when you have it.

Now, receiving that email was like having someone hand me my FREEDOM back.

Did I have another contract waiting for me at that time? NONE.

My gut feeling... I chose to leave in 3 days!!

Do you think I made the right decision? Comment below... 👇

Later on, I was referred by my friend to have another role!

However, do you know... LinkedIn has helped me prepare for it...

While working full time, I was "building" my own brand - building my profile, my presence...

I have great relationships and credibility in the market. I don't afraid...

That termination letter was my PORTAL to the FREEDOM I wanted to finally spend all my working hours building my OWN dreams.

For my family. And now, for my own business.

Fast-forward to today... I'm talking about nextRoles...

I'm getting much more & enjoying every minute of what I do.

I'm grateful for what happened, and here's what I learned:

- NEVER put all your eggs in one basket

- It's OKAY to work for others, but NOT at the expense of your own dreams

- You never know what can happen. FUTURE-PROOF your career. Invest in yourself.

- Build your PERSONAL BRAND. It's your career success and insurance.

Thanks for reading my story... if you want to learn how to build YOUR PERSONAL BRAND and prepare for your careers...

I have 2 hours of Training in Branding & Monetization. And you can claim a FREE Scan and Audit of your LinkedIn Profile!

Interested to learn more and receive the details, then do:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment and LinkedIn Adviser

- Type a comment below: "LinkedIn", and then I know how to connect with you.

- Like and share this post, and inspire more people!

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