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I made 2 Critical Mistakes on LinkedIn

I made 2 Critical Mistakes on LinkedIn

Mistake 1: When I first join, I was not active on this platform. I didn't like or comment on any posts!

Mistake 2: My network didn't grow & I felt stuck. Before I only connected to a few people that I know!

After I corrected these mistakes, my network significantly grew from 500 to 35K.

What you need to do:

1) Change your profile frequently with personal branding, and complete all the information.

Your presence in LinkedIn is important as HR/Recruiters consider this is the Live database.

2) Don't just rely on LinkedIn as a job application portal, it is for you to build a relationship.

You should connect with more people, write your post to share your experiences.

Everyone is able to contribute & help others!

That's the secret to growing & networking!

Correcting these mistakes, your profile can stand out!

Do you want more support?

I'll teach you some useful tips, tricks, and strategies on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Interested, please do:

- Click: LIKE this post!!

Help others achieve their dreams & you will achieve yours!


Also, welcome you to Comment: "LinkedIn" & send me a DM so that I know how to reply to you!


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