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I hired a sales professional without a degree!

I hired a sales professional without a degree!

Turned out he is the best hire and the VIP employee!

Why? Cause he has the right attitude and education is not a problem!

He even does NOT have any prior working experience from the industry.

Hiring managers, do give someone a chance and consider their passion!

Technical skills are learnable and trainable, but the determination to succeed cannot!

Spend more time during the Interview, don't just ask them to leave within 10 mins.

Don't reject Job Seekers based on their resume like gaps, weak or with unstable jobs!

Someone seems not matching, too young or overqualified may turn out to be a surprise to you!

Ask about their reasons for leaving and how can they contribute to your company.

They just need a platform and a chance to perform, your small action can change someone's life!

Good news to those who are struggling to get a PASS with their Interviews.

I have complied with an Interview Tips & Guidebook PDF for FREE!

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I want to empower you during your job search and I will send you the link to download it!


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