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I hired a 42 Years old women with 5 years of Gap,

I hired a 42 Years old women with 5 years of Gap,

She didn't have any relevant degree,

She got a package of 36K HKD before taking care of her child.

Despite her experience, family status, age, and gender,

Still, she manages to get a New Job, Do you know why?

Because she didn't give up.

She also learned from my 30 days Get Hired Program.

In the last 8 months, even COVID, able to schedule 50+ interviews,

But she got rejected in all due to the age and job gap.

but still, she is smiling and every time willing to give one more try.

and finally, after 8 months and 50+ rejections, she got selected.

She used my strategy to approach the CEO directly,

She sent me a box of chocolate as thank you gift.

and this lady motivates me to never give up on my dreams.

i.e. To inspire more job seekers around the world and...

motivate people if they are losing their jobs due to COVID.

Rejection is part of life. Do you Agree?

Share this so that people can understand rejection.

Like and Comment on this post, so that I can provide some FREE Help to you as well.

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Cheer Up, my Dear LinkedIn friends!

Never give up on every aspect. OK? 👇


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