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I heard from my friend's husband was laid off during COVID-19.

I heard from my friend's husband was laid off during COVID-19.

He then sent out dozens of applications & Interviewed several companies.

One company was so promising...

After several rounds of Phone & Zoom interviews, he made it to the final to the HR Director.

Hiring managers were impressed, he was so close to the offer.

But after meeting with HR, just after 4 hours, he gets a reply...

It's an automatic email from a "Donotreply at Company Name" address!

"Sorry, we have selected other candidates and will not be moving forward with your application!"

No further explanations. He was shocked & wondering what's happening with HR?

He tried the very best to calls the recruiter & that HR to see what additional info to provide.

Both aren't answering. What's wrong? He was ghosted??

Dear HR/ Recruiters,

It's OK for you to stop hiring due to budget issues or if you select other candidates.

But if the candidate was so close & already participated in several rounds of Interviews.

Would you mind call them & provide feedback? Why someone gets rejected via Email?

Respect others like what you want to be treated. Just spend that 1 min, the candidate is your customer!

Who is with me?


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