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I have seen so many candidates they work in a totally different fields

I have seen so many candidates they work in a field totally different from their studies.

So during an Interview, have you been asked by Interviewer:

Why did you choose this career?

An interviewer will be curious to know how you got that job and it is also the “Show Time” for you to explain why you are passionate about it.

The more you seem to like a job or career, the more employers will want to hire you!

Employers will not only ask this type of question for Fresh Graduates, for experienced professionals if they changed their job field before, they also want to know why.

So you have to show your determination and hard work such as how to overcome those challenges to pick up the skills, and learn quickly.

Employers want to see how confident you are, so don’t sound like you are unsure or don’t remember or because of money or just looking for better working arrangements.

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Do connect with me as I helped more than 450 people to find their ideal nextRoles.

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