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I have reached more than 30,000 followers!

I have reached more than 30,000 followers!

I think this is remarkable for me & I had never imagined the potential of LinkedIn.

My followers increase from 16K in Dec 2019, my content generated more than 2.3M views.

I have maxed out of 30,000 connections earlier.

One day ago, I have removed 700 old contacts & ask people to connect with me.

And now I still have around 200 space. Please connect me if you wish.

The reason why is I hope to help, empower & add value to more people!

And don't forget I will have regular LinkedIn Live & line-up with few guests in March.

Tomorrow with James Lee, we will be sharing from Legal & Finance perspectives

For the hot topic about how Coronavirus Impacts on your Work & Life.

Time: March 4th (Wed) at 11:00pm (UTC +8 / HK & Singapore Time)

You don't need to register before. When you online, then you'll receive notifications at that time!

We will discuss the arrangement like working from home, & the digital way of work.

E.g. how about your employment rights? Any issues such as quarantine, leave or support?

What if I get infected by COVID-19, is my company liable for this?

Even like, is the company needs to provide a face mask for me? And lots more.

You can also ask us any questions related to your work. Stay tuned & see you tomorrow!


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