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I have gathering with my Recruiters friends

I have gathered with my Recruiters friends, and we all love to help people to find their ideal next roles.

And during our dinner, we started to talk about the funny stuff.. the excuses from candidates.. 😆

You know what, I’ve completed a placement and help my friend to join a reputable IT company.

She is someone I met personally from a class, she said very happy with the offer and signed the contract.

But just 1 day before the start date, she told me she needs to move to Australia in the next 2 weeks, because of better education for her kids.

OK, understand and appreciates it.. but after 2 weeks, I learn from facebook, she has a great time with her kids at Ocean Park instead!

🙋‍♀️ HR/recruiters, please comment: How many times we hear this, and what kind of excuses?

Excuses that I’ve encountered before:

- I just pregnant so my Doctor said I can’t change my job.

- I met a new girlfriend, and she advises me not to change job.

- Recently my mother got cancer, so I can’t change my job.

- I’ve lost my Uncle, and I need to handle his funeral..

- I am still waiting for my new maid/helper to come..

👔 If you are not sure about the new role, discuss it with your recruiters instead.

We truly want you to help you, to have more money and a better job title.

Don't waste the opportunity!


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