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I have conducted more than 5000 to 6000 Interviews

I have conducted more than 5000 to 6000 Interviews.

Every time, what I needed is to find out ONE single answer from the candidate –

Why Should We Hire You!

For Interview, we normally spent at least 30 mins to 1 hour to understand each other, explain the company and the role as well as to answer any questions from the Candidates.

Most of the time, I heard candidates keep talking and talking about their work responsibilities.

So what is your achievement, any successful project experience to share, how does it relate to the role, can you prove to me that you are the suitable/ best candidate that we want to work with so that we'll proceed further?

Do you know how to answer this question – Why Should We Hire You?

And can you explain your background in the Interview and prove that you are a great fit for the job requirements?

If you have any doubts about this, feel free to connect with me (I’ll accept everyone), we can provide 30mins Quick Consultation to help you on Career Advice, CV, Interview Skills and job search directions.

Do connect with me as I helped more than 450 people find their ideal nextRoles.

If you think this post is useful for you or your friends, please comment, like or share so that more people can benefit from this.

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