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I have 6 months of Employment Gaps and look Great! Why??

I have 6 months of Employment Gaps and look Great! Why??

Yes, not look great on CV... but the experience looks great on me!! Agree?

We need to stop setting beauty standards for CV and it's OK if you have employment gaps!

You can still find a job even if you have employment gaps, for like 2 years!!

Yes, you can take a break to do something you like...

You can take care of your family and do anything you value...

You may even take the time to develop yourself, learn something, or just explore life!

You only have one time in your life, live life to the fullest!!

I spent some time taking care of my newborn baby and grow with her together...

I spent some time developing business and strengthen my skills...

That kind of experience NO one can take away from you!

Hey... You can do it too!

Don't worry about the employment gaps and how to present them in the CV.

Anyone with me?? Comment below!!

If you need help with the Resume...

I can provide an ATS-Free CV Template to you.

Also, I have a Tactical CV Workshop for FREE!

So you will know how to build a perfect killer resume for HR.

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