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I found that many candidates were nervous during Interview.

I found that many candidates were nervous during Interview.

Do you want to Learn How to Overcome Fear During Interviews in 30 minutes??

We will work together to share some of the tips and secrets for the Job Interview!

Topic: How to Overcome Fear During Interview

We will have LinkedIn LIVE on this coming Friday (Feb 21) on 11:00 pm (UTC +8, Hong Kong Time)

You will not only learn useful practical tips and also we will share with you some real cases.

So you will know: What are the Do’s and Don’ts; and How to Excel in your Next Interview.

During this 30 mins LIVE session, we will also answer any questions from you!

It’s a rare opportunity for us to share real-life examples, and for you to learn from an experienced Career Coach!

Prepare for your questions, come join us and have more confidence in your Job Interview!

Please connect with JAMES and me please (Live on Keith’s account).

So you’ll get noticed once the LIVE is on! See you all on Friday!

Looking forward to your support & this will be my Second LinkedIn Live.

I hope to have LinkedIn LIVE with you together, please let me know if you want to collaborate? Thanks!

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