I feel depressed because I’m applying to 100+ jobs but keep getting rejected!

I feel depressed because I’m applying to 100+ jobs but keep getting rejected!

What’s wrong? The Key is: You are Applying!!

Don’t apply, get referred and connect with the CEO right away!

You are probably wondering: What do you mean??

Applying needs luck and think about it in this way…

-How many people do you think they apply to the role just like you at this moment?

-How many positions do you think are available in the market right now?

-How many times do you hear: Referral is the best way?

On the other hand, think about HR perspectives:

-How many CVs & applicants received from a Job advertisement?

-If you got a referral from your colleagues, do you like it?

-How about HR received an email from the CEO with your CV?

Why you are getting “rejected” is not because you are not qualified. It’s because your CV never gets looked from the Hiring Manager!

Put yourself in a recruiter’s shoes: If you are in the pile of 500+ job applications, will you stand out?

If you want to know how to contact the CEO, secure your referral & unlimited Interviews...

I do have a FREE 100 mins. Masterclass to teach you, what you need to do:

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