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I am doing a social experiment: Land your dream job without Applying

I am doing a social experiment: Land your dream job without Applying

Even if you got 1 out of 158 chances, would you try? Or Walk away??

Career coaches said they have unconventional strategies to connect with the CEO.

Or you should build a relationship with hiring managers directly, have you heard of that?

Let's treat Austin Belcak as the CEO or key hiring person for your ideal dream company.

You really want to partner with and build a long-term relationship. Possible to do it?

If you leave a meaningful, long comment in his post, how many days you will get noticed?

Or how many days you will be frustrated and should walk away?

Austin has more than 150,000 followers, from last 5 days he has 158 comments on average.

I know he posted every day in his morning time consistently... so attached is what I did..

Career Coaches showing you: Concepts that should work and The result in Advance!

And they have lots of testimonials and supports to prove that works as well.

In reality, if you follow exactly what they told you to do, can you achieve the results?

I am not sure, I will keep doing this experiment.

Otherwise, I will have to go back to basic: Revised my CV and apply massively?? haha..


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