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HR Say: My expected salary is too high!

HR Say: My expected salary is too high!

I'm not sure why HR is Not the one who PAID the candidate...

but why they always 'Say No'?

Always challenging candidates / job applicants something like this..

So, a 20% increment is too high? I am always thinking about how much is reasonable?

Especially in this tough time, how can I mention my expected salary?

What do you think? Comment below? ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Then how can I pass through HR's mind? Despite some HR is really tough to handle.

How can you negotiate the BEST salary offer? And to work out a number that both are happy?

This needs negotiation skills and understands the HR process, how they operate behind the scene.

There are other topics you need to know from Career Change, using LinkedIn & secure Interviews.

We are having a team of 4 Asia Recruitment experts, join forces together to provide advice to you...

We are going to teach you how to secure your dream job offer in 21 days!!

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See you there!!

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