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How you can help someone looking for a new job immediately?

How you can help someone looking for a new job immediately?

Particular for those with "Open To Work" badges.

- Give them advice on their CV and LinkedIn profile

- Introduce them to relevant jobs and recruiters

- Show empathy and listen to their stories

- Refer hiring managers or your friends to them

- Share their post to your network

- Like and comment their Post

- Tell them any new job portal they can use

- Tell them your stories about how you get hired in your current job

- Teach them LinkedIn skills, secrets or tricks to connect with other people

Also, if you want to help someone right now, what you can do?

Accept people's connection requests! Respond to their direct messages!

- Don't judge people based on location or ethnicity!

- Don't judge people's job titles, every one is contributing the society!

- Send me a direct message or a personalized invite to connect with me!

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser if you need any help with your career

- Like and comment on this post, as well as share this post to someone in need.

Hope it helps! Comment below, did I miss anything??


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